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New Diode Laser >> Product >> QCW Diode Pumped Laser Modules

QCW Diode Pumped Laser Modules (DPSS laser modules at 1064nm) are designed with QCW laser diode arrays for Nd:YAG pumping. It can provide high pulse energy for amplification up to 1200mJ with high repetition rate up to 1KHz. These QCW DPSS laser modules are mainly used for research applications.

Pulse energy from 30mJ up to 1200mJ (@200us)
High small signal gain
Long life time > 1GShots
Water Cooled and Conductively Cooled are both available
Support custom package design

Datasheet: QCW Diode Pumped Laser Modules Datasheet

Standard Products for Online-Ordering (Status Updated on Feb 20th, 2011)

Model No. Pumping Peak Power Pulse Energy (200us) Nd:YAG Voltage Current Lead Time List Price Add to Cart
DPLM-0.9Q 0.9KW >30mJ Ф3x63mm 18V 100A 5 workdays $2500.00 Add
DPLM-1.2Q 1.2KW >45mJ Ф3x75mm 24V 100A 5 workdays $3200.00 Add
DPLM-1.5Q 1.5KW >60mJ Ф3x90mm 30V 100A 10 workdays $4000.00 Add
DPLM-1.8Q 1.8KW >75mJ Ф3x63mm 36V 100A 10 workdays $4800.00 Add
DPLM-2.4Q 2.5KW >90mJ Ф3x75mm 50V 100A 10 workdays $5600.00 Add
DPLM-3Q 3KW >120mJ Ф3x90mm 60V 100A 15 workdays $7200.00 Add
DPLM-5Q 5KW >200mJ Custom Custom Custom 20 workdays $11500.00 Add
DPLM-10Q 10KW >400mJ Custom Custom Custom 20 workdays $22000.00 Add
DPLM-20Q 20KW >800mJ Custom Custom Custom 30 workdays $41000.00 Add
DPLM-30Q 30KW >1200mJ Custom Custom Custom 30 workdays $58000.00 Add

List price is for single unit per order. Discount is provided for multi-units purchase.
The Nd:YAG rod can be customized for different dimension & doping level.
Water cooling design and conductively cooling design are both available.

Custom Products Available

Pulse Energy (200us) 30mJ~1200mJ
Wavelength: 1064nm
Pulse Width: 50~300us
Repetition Rate: 0~100Hz, 100~500Hz, 500~1000Hz
Duty Circle: <2%, <5%, <10%, <20%
Nd:YAG Diameter: 1.5mm~8mm available
Cooling Structure Water cooling or conductively cooling
Nd:YAG Doping: Typical 0.6% doping. Other doping 0.6%~1.1% available

Please contact us directly to Request Quote For Custom Products.



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