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NDL provides various cooling devices and temperature controllers for lasers, including:

Peltier (TEC, TE Cooler) Temperature Controller for lasers
Forced Air Cooling Stage for lasers.
Water Cooling Stage for lasers
Laser Water Chiller
Support high operation temperature up to 380°C
SMA-905, ST, FC/PC connectors for patch cords
Collimation or focus head available

Datasheet: Peltier Temperature Controller Datasheet

Lasers for Typical Industrial Applications

Industry Area Typical Applications Typical Laser Solutions
1. Marking & Engraving

1. Stainless Steel & Regular Metal Marking & Engraving
2. Silver, Gold and Jewellery Marking
3. Plastic, Ceramic & Soft-Material Marking
4. 3D Crystal Engraving
5. Other Marking & Engraving Applications

1. AO Q-switched DPSS Laser
2. EO Q-switched DPSS Laser
2. Cutting & Dicing 1. Ceramic Cutting
2. Solar Cell Cutting & Dicing
3. PCB & Copper Foil Cutting
4. PTFE & Plastic Foil Cutting
1. AO Q-switched DPSS Laser
2. CW DPSS Laser (1064nm)
3. Direct Diode Laser (UV to 9xxnm)
3. Laser Striping 1. Wire Stripping 1. CW DPSS Laser (1064nm)
2. Direct Diode Laser
4. Diamond Processing

1. Diamond Cutting
2. Diamond Marking

1. TEM00 AO Q-switched DPSS Laser
5. Welding & Soldering 1. Micro-Welding
2. Plastic Welding
3. Metal Welding
4. Tin Electronic Soldering
1. AO Q-switched DPSS Laser
2. Direct Diode Laser
3. High Power CW / Pulsed DPSS Laser
6. Laser Cleaning 1. Metal Cleaning & Surface Processing
2. Painting Cleaning
1. EO Q-switched DPSS Laser
7. Metal Surface Processing 1. Metal Hardening
2. Laser Cladding
1. High Power Stacked Diode Laser
8. Medical & Surgery Lasers 1. ELVT
2. General Surgery
3. Dental Lasers
1. Fiber Coupled Diode Laser
2. Fiber Coupled CW DPSS Laser
9. Aesthetic Treatment Lasers 1. Diode Laser Hair Removal
2. Tattoo Removal
1. 808nm Stacked Diode Laser
2. Q-switched YAG Laser & SHG Laser
10.Measurement 1. Laser Rangefinder
2. Regular Laser Measurement
1. Compact EO Q-switched DPSS Laser
2. CW / Pulsed Diode Laser
11. Research & Laboratory 1. Solid-State Pumping
2. Laser Amplifiers
1. 808nm~976nm Diode Laser
2. QCW DPSS Laser Modules

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